Calendars & Reminders

Calendars & Reminders

This is a premium feature which requires
Structured Pro
Structured Pro
, a one-time purchase in the app.

Structured can import events from calendars and todos from Reminders, automatically into your schedule. The events and todos in Structured are kept up-to-date and if you check off a todo in Structured, it will also mark it as complete in Reminders.

How-To Articles

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Which calendars can be imported into Structured?

Almost every calendar can be imported into Structured. If a calendar can be viewed in the Apple Calendar app, it's very likely to also work with Structured. There are few business accounts, which won't work, since some companies restrict third-party access to the calendars.

To learn how to add accounts, checkout


Can I import todos from another to-do app?

Currently Structured can only import todos from the Apple Reminders app. You can add different accounts to Apple Reminders, like the Microsoft accounts used in Microsoft To Do. Checkout

to learn how to add accounts.

Todos from apps, like Todoist, Things 3, or AnyDo, can unfortunately not be imported at the moment.

Can task created in Structured be synced back to a calendar or Reminders?

Not yet. For now, the calendar and reminders integration is just a one-way sync. A proper two-way sync is on my list but brings a lot of problems with it, which are tricky to solve. Nevertheless, I hope to get to it sometime in the future.

Changes to events or reminders take a long time to appear in Structured? Is there a way to speed this up?

Sometimes it can take a while for changed or new events and todos to appear in Structured. Because Structured uses the Apple Calendar system, there is no way to manually refresh calendars, but you can change some settings to automatically refresh the events more often. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Select Calendars, then Accounts and then Fetch New Data (at the very bottom)
  3. Make sure, your account is set to Push or Fetch (not to Manual)
  4. Select Every 15 Minutes at the very bottom.

Now your device will automatically refresh the calendars every 15 minutes and updates just appear faster in Structured.

Please note, that refreshing the calendars more often can have an effect on your battery life, therefore this option is also disabled if you have Low Power Mode turned on.

How do I add shared Google Calendars to Structured?

By default, some shared calendars are not synced with apps, you’ll first have to enable them on Google's end.

To achieve that, go to and sign in to your Google account. Then select every calendar, you’d like to sync.

After a few minutes, the calendars should now appear in the calendar list within Structured. There you can add them to your day plan.

If the calendars don’t appear in the list, open the Apple Calendar app and confirm that they are available there.

How do I avoid duplicates of Reminders?

If you use Structured on multiple devices, you can sometimes see imported reminders duplicate. To avoid this, make sure to enable the reminders import only on one device.

Known Issues

Imported Reminders are sometimes automatically marked as uncompleted again

There seems to be an issue with some recurring reminders, which don't stay completed when checked off in Structured. This issue should be fixed in the next update.

App crashes after enabling Reminders

I’ve heard several reports of the app crashing after enabling the Reminders integration (see

) and then always crashing on subsequent opens.

Currently, the only workaround (I know of) is disabling Reminders for Structured. To do so, go into the Settings app, search for Structured and disable the Reminders switch.


The issue seems to be caused by some reminders, but I can’t yet reproduce it. If you have any info on this, please let me know at