I’m continuously working on improving Structured and want to keep the feedback loop as small as possible.

If you like living on the bleeding edge and can stomach occasional bugs and hiccups, feel free to join the Beta Program.

This will give you access to updates before they are released to the wider public and will help me catch problems early on. You can also join the #beta channel in the Structured

to share feedback and stay up-to-date on new betas.

Joining the beta

The beta is distributed via TestFlight, which you need to install on your iOS or macOS device to download the Structured beta.

After you’ve done that, simply click this link to you will be prompted to join the beta.

If you are on a Mac, the link sometimes isn’t working. If this is the case, simply copy the following URL and paste it into your browser: itms-beta://

What’s in the beta

How the beta differs from the normal version of Structured differs from time to time. Sometimes it just means that smaller updates are available a few days earlier. For bigger updates, I usually release a beta many weeks in advance to iron out all problems. This means you will have access much earlier but can also mean that you may experience incomplete features, bugs or even crashes (although I do my best to avoid this).

To see, what might be coming up or even is already in beta, you can check out the


How to give feedback

The best way to give feedback is in the #beta channel of the Structured

Slack. If you don’t want to join there, you can also send it to

Whatever way, I’m happy about any feedback!